Xetrovoid / Hunt Mode + Redux

The cyberpunk master Xetrovoid returns with a dangerous new single in "Hunt Mode," and I explore his latest EP, Redux as well!...

June 29, 2019

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Xetrovoid is one of the icons of cyberpunk synthwave, and he didn't get to the top of that mountain with just one release. On the contrary, he's earned that spot of the course of over a dozen releases in the last few years. Each one is a unique experience with worlds that are fully realized, lived in, and dangerous to explore. That's where Xetrovoid gets you...his tracks are so tight, so well written, and filled with hidden hooks that won't let you go. Today we're going to look at two such experiences, and that's what they are, in his latest single, "Hunt Mode," and his most recent EP, Redux.

"Hunt Mode" hits you immediately with a bassline that gets your head bobbing and your body moving. This is exactly what I'm talking about...before you know you're in too deep, Xetrovoid already has you. Every aspect of the song is written with machine precision, but this isn't your outrun sunset or neon reflected chrome synthwave. This is a rust edged cyberpunk masterpiece that holds you rapt until it's over, at which point your only decision is to hit play again to take the ride all over again.

Redux is a four track slice right to your jugular. As soon as you hit play the games begin with a title track that sets the pace for everything that comes next. It's a perfect example of that unique Xetrovoid sound that nobody else can lay claim to. Redux is a well layered release that each listen is going to yield you a different experience...I'll call it an exercise in complicated simplicity. On the surface you're getting bombastic cyberpunk, but if you slow down and pull back the curtain there's a lot going on here (remember those fully realized worlds I told you about...they're real, and all you have to do is let yourself go into the music to find them). It's this sort of magic that makes Xetrovoid one of my favorite artists. If you're looking for a soundtrack the the video game your playing, you can plug in your earbuds and let him do the the work. On the contrary, if you're looking for a more involved listen, you can delve into the soundtrack of an alternate dark future with the same exact songs. It's uncanny how well he hides this in plain sight.

You can find the latest Xetrovoid releases right now over at Bandcamp!

James Mitchell

Published June 29, 2019

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