Volkor X / Heart Wired - Part I (Original Soundtrack)

Heart Wired Part I finds Volkor X fusing his most emotive work to date with the amazing Heartwired web comic by Rod and Leanne Hannah...

April 26, 2019

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Artwork by Leanne Hannah

Any time there is a new Volkor X release it's newsworthy...the fact that he's attached himself to an outside project increases my interest a great deal. Like a veteran actor who can pick and choose their roles, Volkor X has paid his dues to the synthwave scene. By penning a soundtrack for the Heartwired web comic by Rod and Leanne Hannah, he is not only speaking to the quality of their work, he's merging his own with what they've done. This takes a great deal of trust by all parties involved and I think that's what makes Heart Wired - Part I so special.

I've already alluded to the fact that Volkor X is a serious talent in the world of synthwave (and you know this already unless you're new to this amazing world of music), and this record does nothing but validate that claim further. Heart Wired - Part I has to be one of his most delicate and emotive albums to date. Taking the musical medium and creating it in such a way that it conveys emotion is hard enough...taking it and fusing it with a visual art style is even harder. When it's done right though, well, it's the nearest thing I've found in this world to magic. Does that make Volkor X a wizard? Perhaps it does, haha!

The story of the Heartwired web comic follows a teenager named Cal who was born on Mars but longs to visit Earth, the homeland of his parents. An unknown force threatens these plans, Cal himself, and the Red Planet he calls home. Sounds right up Volkor X's alley, right?!? You really have to experience this story for yourself. The comic plays out in episodic form, but first things first, once you begin each episode make sure you have the sound icon up top toggled to ON. This will play the Volkor X soundtrack along with the comic as you read, providing the musical soundstage for the events playing out as you scroll through the amazing work by Rod and Leanne Hannah. New episodes are being added weekly to this top rated web comic so it's not too late to get started!

You can find the amazing web comic by clicking HERE, and purchase the amazing soundtrack over at the Volkor X Bandcamp by clicking HERE.

James Mitchell

Published April 26, 2019

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