Vampire Step-Dad / The Sun Also Sets

Vampire Step-Dad brings his strongest work to date with The Sun Also Sets. What is synthwave? THIS is synthwave....

July 02, 2019

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It's here! It's here! It's finally here! From the minute that Vampire Step-Dad started dropping hints that he was working on new music, my brain went into full on anticipation mode. Why? Because Vampire Step-Dad releases are an event. His music is the comfort food of synthwave...a wholesome blend of the best of your childhood memories, your favorite well-worn sweater, or returning home after being away for too long. When I think about synthwave, I think about Vampire Step-Dad. Period.

The Sun Also Sets finds VSD in familiar territory, filling your speakers with emotive and powerful synthwave anthems. Nobody sets a musical stage like he does, creating a fully lived in world for his songs to live in. They could be the soundtrack to your favorite 80's flick, a reminder of that time you went to the lake with your family and had such a great time, or that song that you need right now to help pick you up from who knows what. That's the magic of Vampire Step-Dad...his songs know no boundaries, pulling you in close to be whatever it is you need them to be. This is your music...these songs are written for you...and you can hear it, and more importantly, FEEL it in every keystroke.

Where The Sun Also Sets pulls away from previous Vampire Step-Dad releases is harder to pinpoint in one place. Gone is the familiar "Thursday at 7" skit that previously, and hilariously, tied his works together. Does it feel like something is missing? Honestly, no. The Sun Also Sets feels like a more mature album all the way across the board, and it tells plenty of story on its own without Vampire Step-Dad telling you where it's headed. Like I said before, this album is for YOU, and it feels that way more than ever before.

What are you waiting on? The Sun Also Sets is on sale NOW wherever you buy your digital media (I prefer Bandcamp), but you get a 15% discount over at He's got cassettes AND compact discs available as well! While you're there don't forget to pick up some of the best merch in synthwave! As a side-note, The G proves once again why he's one of the best mastering wizards in synthwave, The Sun Also Sets sounds like a dream!

James Mitchell

Published July 02, 2019

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