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Retrohack is really well produced album with a lot of good tracks with influences from genres like psytrance, goa and EDM...

August 01, 2019

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01 - Gridlock #6

Gridlock has some old-school goa feels on it somehow combined with 90s sounds on the lead lines. The arrangement is really goa'ish too. Great starter for an album which makes you want some more of this weird hybrid of psychedelic trance and retrowave.

02 - Blue Shift #5

The track starts with quite and EDM style bassline and with little low pass tricks Inexedra uses a lot. Me likes. I was expecting a bigger drop in the first stages of the track but got little disappointed, but at 2:50 the track really takes off and progresses to another lever with all the acid sounds and great lead programming.

03 - Retrohack #7

A Really melodic start, waited for it to get even more melodic at the first drop but Inexedra decided to do the drop with mostly the bass and that was an great choice. This guy knows how to handle the arrangements. Lovely choice of sounds on the track. Love the guitars coming along. Reminds me a little of Infected Mushroom or 1200 Micrograms. Pretty sure this guy has gotten some influence from them. :)

04 - Absolution #1

At beginning the drums sound like they're from a 90s eurotechno track. After some plucky sounds the track turns into full-on trance. Something between psy, progressive and common trance. I really have a feeling that this one has had a lot of influences from the 90s. Even the chord progressions sound like nineties trance, like the one that defined the genre as it is.

05 - Orion #8

The track starts with chilly, bit-crushed, trancegate sounds. Nice chilling drums at the beginning, big arps. When the drop hits, it hits hard, as usual, Inexedra delivers great acid style sequences and 303 style basslines. Overall not a bad track but gets a little boring by the ending. I waited for some bigger soundstages for the ending. A bit too basic I think.

06 - Ratface #9

Promising start with big drums and basses. The melodic elements on the track are way too safe for my taste. Great foundation but nothing for me to really listen to.

07 - The Cleaner #2

Creeeeeepy! Turned into an EDM monster. I feel this one's had some influences from Tokyo Rose mixed with psytrance (again!) :). This track's a monster! Love how the feels change with crazy arps bouncing all around. I think this track would have been the banger of the album, but...it's so f******cking long. CHILLOUT MAN!

08 - Watchers #3

Chillier stuff, great. I would have wanted it to be a bit earlier on the track arrangement.   Really good track but falls behind all the other tracks because of the position on the album

09 - Cold as Ice #4

Vocals! Love the guitar sounds coming out once in a while. This one gives me really cyberpunk feels. Really good vocal work from Inexedra. All-round the track leaves me a little cold. I feel that it could use a hook besides the vocals. Great guitar mixing btw!

10 - Fire and Forget #10

Sounds great but feels like a filler track. This one doesn't have any kind of hook. Just some arps and technical stuff going around. The most boring track on the album.


Retrohack is really well produced album with a lot of good tracks but it's still lacking the hit song. I sure can hear the influence from genres like psytrance, goa and EDM on Inexedra's production values which isn't a bad thing.

I wouldn't call this album a retrowave album though. It's more like a modern EDM album with flavours of retro, which doesn't bother me at all. After all, I like all music that sounds good :)

I think all the tracks are nice, but i feel the album is lacking some soul. Maybe Inexedra has played it a bit too safe??

I would have like to hear more than one chillier track in the midst of all the >130bpm jump-up tracks. It would have given the album a more planned feel.

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  1. Absolution
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Published August 01, 2019

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