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Tramontano Music's Replicant is full of verve, swagger, and dancefloor ready tunes. It's a richly layered synthpop album that rivals that of bands like Mesh, Neuroticfish, or Iris....

August 08, 2019

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With so much great synthpop coming out, I'm having a hard time keeping up. Don't get me wrong, that's the best kind of problem to have. If you'd have told me in the mid-2000's that I'd be swimming in top shelf synthpop a decade and a half later I'd have probably laughed. Well, thankfully synthpop is a genre that survives, and even better, now thriving again. That leads me to Replicant, the latest by Tramontano Music. This is far more than another album in a long list of big 2019 synthpop releases. There's something so new and so fresh about Replicant, it honestly pops right out of your speakers begging to be heard.

The first thing that I noticed about Tramontano Music is something that is painfully absent in synthpop...swagger. You can probably count off a handful of synthpop acts that can claim any form of swagger, with Dave Gahan taking the throne. Unfortunately synthpop vocals can fall into cringey, almost out of tune know exactly what I'm talking about. Tramontano Music doesn't have this issue, with strong vocals that add a great deal of depth and feeling to Replicant. These are richly layered scores that rival that of current stalwarts Iris, Mesh, and Neuroticfish. Place them side by side on a playlist and you're not skipping these Tramontano Music tracks. They're good enough to stand with the big boys and girls of the scene. Add that on to what has to be one of the best dancefloor ready records of the year, and I'd say you've got the recipe for success.

James Mitchell

Published August 08, 2019

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