Thrillsville / Second Sleep (Music Video)

Thrillsville continues to shine his dark light on the music scene with the atmospheric and visually impressive "Second Sleep" music video...

June 25, 2019

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In a recent article I covered the release of the Thrillsville treatment of the Stolen Babies track, "Second Sleep." If you missed the original article, I can sum it up with's one of the best tracks released this year. Period. It's also a very interesting cover, if that's what we want to call it, since Rani Sharone (the man behind Thrillsville) is a member of Stolen Babies and co-wrote the original with Dominique L. Persi (it appeared on the band's 2012 album, Naught). Adding an even cooler layer to it, Persi actually appears on the much darker Thrillsville take on "Second Sleep."

So we've got an old school goth meets new school dark synth version of "Second Sleep," what better way to showcase it than a well shot, well directed, and well performed music video. What I absolutely love about the Thrillsville music video are the subtle nods to the original, albeit in an opposite sort of way. The original was shot with the band performing underwater...guitar, drums, vocals and all. The new Thrillsville video, directed & edited by Sandra Powers, is set in an abandoned warehouse/industrial setting. Dust flies as the drums are hit and a chained creature (played by Mick Ignis) has painfully stretched, dusty, and peeling skin. It works on every level, both as a nod to the source material, but also as a subversive version that looks and feels more dangerous.

You can buy the stand alone single right now over at Bandcamp!

James Mitchell

Published June 25, 2019

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