The State of Synth Season Finale

The State of Synth Season Finale is coming this Friday! Come help us celebrate.

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Get ready for the season finale!

When is it?

The season finale will be December 18th and start at 7 PM EST

Here is what you need to be part of it

BE ON OUR SHOW! Let's talk about synthwave, how much vinyl you own, or share drink recipes. We don't care! Anyone with a mic who wants to be on the show can simply click the link below to find out how it's going to go down. Space may be limited so arrive on time to make sure you get in.

Get your official bingo board below


What is TSOS bingo? It's simple. Print out your board (or just use on screen). Dennis and Jules will work to incorporate each of the outlandish bingo words into the show. When we say the word, place your "chip." We'll be playing using the basic bingo rules (up and down, all the way across and diagonal all the way across.) To call bingo you will need to announce it in out official IRC chat located at or use your own favorite IRC client to point to room #rekt. HannahB will be in charge of verifying all winners which will require a screen shot of your completed board. Winner gets a prize or something :)

Get your official TSOS merch!

Yep, we finally got some TSOS merch and it only took us 4 seasons to get our stuff together. You can support the show directly by picking up a little something from our store. We promise Dennis will not use all the money to buy beer (unless you want him to).

Official The State of Synth Gear!


We'll see you at the finale on December 18th 7 PM EST