The Identity Matrix / Tangerine Crush

The summer of synth is far from over, and The Identity Matrix proves it with the perfect touch of road trip nostalgia in Tangerine Crush!...

August 30, 2019

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Cover Art by Cosmogyral Studios

I've been sitting on this album for quite some time, and the release date didn't seem like it would ever get here! You know when you hear something you really enjoy and you just want to share it with everyone? Well, imagine NOT being able to do that and you'll get an idea of how much I've been anticipating this day! Well, the wait is over! Tangerine Crush by The Identity Matrix is here, and it was totally worth the agony of silence I've had to endure.

I don't want to say that you can always judge a book by its cover, but I think that I can fairly say that The Identity Matrix absolutely nailed it with Tangerine Crush. If you're expecting warm synths, hooks that are going to fold themselves around you like a long lost love, and soaring highs that touch the ether, you are going to be in synthwave heaven. Inspired by family road trips, summer vacations, and dreamy synth soundscapes, The Identity Matrix pulls you along memory lane, but at no point does the nostalgia seem heavy handed. Synthwave is a tricky beast of a genre, and you can dip too far in the pool sometimes, but there's no mis-steps to be found here. This is album is pure synthwave joy from start to finish!

Tangerine Crush is OUT NOW and you can find it at Bandcamp, my favorite place to support synthwave artists. Did I mention that the title track is a vocoder lover's dream come true? Because it totally is! Easily one of the best tracks of the year and a MUST for your summer playlists!

James Mitchell

Published August 30, 2019

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