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Here you will find an up-to-date listing of concerts (live shows by artists) and tours. We've also included a separate list featuring any monthly local events at bars and clubs hosted by DJs.

** Note: Due to COVID, some events may be rescheduled or unavailable **

FM84 with Ollie Wride and Josh Dally in Toronto 2019

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Concerts and Tours (2021-2022):

Date Event Location
Jun 19 MCR Summer Nights Livestream Special: Damokles, Nexus 7, Natalie Gray, The Neon Syndicate, DJ sets by LeBrock and Max Speed Online
Jun 26 Golden Years Album Release: WYNDSRFR, Glitbiter, DJ set by Parallels Los Angeles, USA
Jul 3 San Junipero A Retrowave Boat Party: DJs Jak Syn, Valentine, Faith In the Glitch Los Angeles, USA
Jul 17 Synth Valley Stream Fest Live: Starfarer, Lord Nikon, Vector Hold San Jose, USA
Aug 10-21 Essenger and Young Medicine USA
Summer 2021 NEON RetroFest North: TBA Rhode Island, USA
Sep 1-Oct 18 Going Hunting Tour: Magic Sword USA
Oct 9 Outrun The Sun UK: Kalax, Wolf Club, New Arcades, Lost Outrider, Player One, Roxi Drive, Paradise Walk, Iversen Derby, England
Oct 22 Rickshaw Theatre: Betamaxx, FM Attack, Mecha Maiko, Wolftron, 20six Hundred Vancouver, Canada
Oct 29-31 Outside Lands: The Midnight San Francisco, USA
Nov 6-27 North American Tour: The Midnight USA and Canada
Nov 13 The Black Heart: Wolf Club, Roxi Drive London, England
Nov 20 Cyberpunk Night 2021: Oscillian, Neon Nox, Megahit, Midnight Danger, Hyper Darmstadt, Germany
Nov 21 L'Olympia: Perturbator Paris, France
Dec 2 2021 at The Classic Grand: Ollie Wride Glasgow, Scotland
Dec 5 2021 at Lafayette: Ollie Wride and NINA London, England
Winter 2021/22 NEON RetroFest South: TBA Florida, USA
Mar 09-Apr 03 2022 North America 2022 Tour: The Midnight USA and Canada
Apr 20-May 10 2022 Europe 2022 Tour: The Midnight Europe
Apr 30 2022 Space Jams & Steel City Collective Tales From the Crypt 2: Dan Terminus, Deadlife Bristol, England
Jun 4 2022 Space Jams & Steel City Collective HOTLINE: NINA, Wolfclub Bristol, England

Recurring Synthwave Events (most on hold due to COVID restrictions):

Date Event Location
Monthly/Weekly Turbo Drive at DNA Lounge San Francisco, USA
Monthly/Bimonthly Neon Drive at The Rebel Lounge Phoenix, USA
Monthly House of Targ: Synth and 80s Nights Ottawa, Canada
Monthly/Weekly Night.Wav New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles, USA
Monthly Laser Highway Melbourne, Australia
Monthly Neon Synthwave Night Providence, USA
Monthly 303 Synth City Denver, USA
Bi-Monthly Neon Paradise Cologne, Germany
Monthly Betamax Video Club Washington, USA
Monthly NeoBudapest Budapest, Hungary

This list is maintained by Neon Fawkes. Feel free to tweet me @julesneonfawkes if you see something missing or notice something that needs correction.