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Here you will find an up-to-date listing of concerts (live shows by artists) and tours. We've also included a separate list featuring any monthly local events at bars and clubs hosted by DJs.

** Note: Due to COVID, some events may be rescheduled or unavailable **

FM84 with Ollie Wride and Josh Dally in Toronto 2019

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Concerts and Tours (2020-2021):

Date Event Location
Apr 3 Report Synthwave Party: Volkor X Nantes, France
Apr 10 Synth Valley Stream Fest VII: The Encounter, d.notive, Micromatscenes, ZXSP, Jak Syn, Heartbeathero, Goodbye Galaxy, Toxic Enemy Online
Apr 10 Wave Defender 2: Billy Mays Band, Neko Flash, DJ set by Retro Synth Fury Paris, France
May 1 Space Jams & Steel City Collective Tales From the Crypt 2: Dan Terminus, Deadlife Bristol, England
Jun 26 Outland Sunset Cruise 2021: Morgan Willis, Quixotic London, England
Jul 24 Retrowave D'Luxe: Jordan F, Dana Jean Phoenix, Highway Superstar, New Arcades, Duett, L'Avenue, more TBA London, England
Aug 6-8 Outside Lands: The Midnight San Francisco, USA
Summer 2021 NEON RetroFest North: TBA Rhode Island, USA
Oct 9 Outrun The Sun UK: Kalax, Wolf Club, New Arcades, Lost Outrider, Player One, Roxi Drive, Paradise Walk, Iversen Derby, England
Oct 22 Rickshaw Theatre: Betamaxx, FM Attack, Mecha Maiko, Wolftron, 20six Hundred Vancouver, Canada
Nov 13 The Black Heart: Wolf Club, Roxi Drive London, England
Nov 20 Cyberpunk Night 2021: Oscillian, Neon Nox, Megahit, Midnight Danger, Hyper Darmstadt, Germany
Nov 21 L'Olympia: Perturbator Paris, France
Dec 2 2021 at The Classic Grand: Ollie Wride Glasgow, Scotland
Dec 5 2021 at Lafayette: Ollie Wride and NINA London, England
Winter 2021/22 NEON RetroFest South: TBA Florida, USA
Apr 20-May 10 2022 Europe 2022 Tour: The Midnight Europe
Jun 4 2022 Space Jams & Steel City Collective HOTLINE: NINA, Wolfclub Bristol, England

Recurring Synthwave Events (most on hold due to COVID restrictions):

Date Event Location
Monthly/Weekly Turbo Drive at DNA Lounge San Francisco, USA
Monthly/Bimonthly Neon Drive at The Rebel Lounge Phoenix, USA
Monthly House of Targ: Synth and 80s Nights Ottawa, Canada
Monthly/Weekly Night.Wav New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles, USA
Monthly Laser Highway Melbourne, Australia
Monthly Neon Synthwave Night Providence, USA
Monthly 303 Synth City Denver, USA
Bi-Monthly Neon Paradise Cologne, Germany
Monthly Betamax Video Club Washington, USA
Monthly NeoBudapest Budapest, Hungary

This is list maintained by Neon Fawkes. Feel free to tweet me if you see something missing or notice something that needs correction.

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