The second edition of Synthetic Reflections finds me waxing nostalgic about synthpop, and revelling in fact that it's still as strong as ever!...

May 05, 2019

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Here we are! The second edition of Synthetic Reflections here at Echosynthetic and Nightride.FM. You'll find more things I've been digging into over the past week from all over the synth realms of music. Hope you find something you enjoy! I'm keeping it synthpop this week. Why? Because I loooooooove synthpop, that's why!

As you've probably seen from my Twitter feed over the past week, I'm really looking forward to the new Transform album due out the end of the week from Howard Jones. The teaser tracks are so good that I've had them on repeat all week, with "Beating Mr. Neg" being my favorite.

Keeping things in the realm of synthpop, I've been completely addicted to the latest offerings from Color Theory. I'm a long time fan of his work and I'm always impressed at how much he pushes himself forward even after so many years! I've included "Feral" and "Backward" below!

I can't go a day without playing the amazing 2014 album Art Plastique by French minimalist synthpop band Celluloide. The tracks are so tight, so precise, and almost EBM-esque in structure, but there's a beauty there that can't be denied. Makes me wish I had more French synthpop in by collection, I know that!

I've recently fallen back in love with Glass Tiger. Certainly one of Canada's best musical exports, these guys had SO MANY hits! The 80's wouldn't have been the same without them, and that's no joke. What's better is that they're totally still together with most of the original band still intact. Makes my heart happy.

How the band Seeming slipped under my radar is a bit of an embarassment. They encapsulate so many things that I absolutely love about synthpop music, and the fact that I'm just now discovering them is mind-blowing. I have to thank Caustic for posting the playlist of one of his DJ sets that included "The Burial", which is certainly a modern synthpop classic. Such a deep and meaningful song, so much so that I'll close with it this week. Enjoy!

James Mitchell

Published May 05, 2019

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