Synth Junipero / A Retrowave Compilation

With their Synth Junipero compilation, Lazerdiscs Records have the best answer for the classic, "What is synthwave?" question...

August 03, 2019

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@Cover Art: Andrew Tremblay

We all have that moment when you're jamming to your favorite synthwave tunes on your headphones when a co-worker or friend asks the classic question, "Hey, what are you listening to?" The easy answer is synthwave, right? Except that leads to raised eyebrows and even more confusion. You don't want to go with, "You know the opening music from Stranger Things? Yeah, like that." Sure, they get it, and you'll usually get an "Oooooooh, cool! I like that show too!" But you're not really helping them understand synthwave and we all know that's just the tip of a VERY large iceberg that has splintered off into countless subgenres with splinters of their own! What to do, what to do?

Well, Lazerdiscs Records has the answer. They've created Synth Junipero, A Retrowave Compilation and it is a perfect primer for the current state of synthwave. It features a wide range of sounds, a triple-A lineup, and like everything else Lazerdiscs releases, the whole production is top notch. So, the next time your buddy or your co-worker asks what you're listening to, you can point them toward this amazing collection of songs to answer their question. The music speaks for itself, and that's what it's all about anyway!

Synth Junipero is OUT NOW! You can grab it on digital or compact disc, but if you're wanting one of those you'd better act quick because quantities are limited! Check out the full artist list below with links to find out more about each one:

1/ AM 1984

2/ Ace Buchannon

3/ CJ Burnett

4/ Mark Dee

5/ Brandon

6/ Thought Beings

7/ Turbo Knight


9/ Robert Parker

10/ Morgan Willis

11/ Sellorekt/LA Dreams

12/ Shyguys

13/ Stealth

14/ OSC

15/ Nick Leroy

16/ Popcorn Kid


James Mitchell

Published August 03, 2019

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