How does a genre defining artist like Street Cleaner continue to set the standard in synthwave? The answer is simple...Annihilation...

July 30, 2019

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I often wonder how an artist with a discography as strong as Street Cleaner does it. He's already got albums that are woven into the tapestry of synthwave...must own releases that have helped define the genre. How does he better himself? How does he deal with the pressure of keeping up that sort of momentum? With his latest full length, not only does Street Cleaner best his own catalogue, he's sitting in the rarified air that the best of the best breathe. That's right, I'm saying it...Annihilation is a banner album that you can hold up and say "This IS synthwave!" So, I guess I've come full circle and answered my own question. How does Street Cleaner do it? By continuing to set the standard in synthwave, that's how.

Annihilation is one of those rare albums that is immediately accessible while maintaining the hard hitting style Street Cleaner is known for. This is something that most darksynth artists struggle with. Often times this style of work can scare off fans of traditional synthwave, and I honestly don't know how he does it. Annihilation is dark vigilante justice through and through but the thread that holds it all together is pure synthwave. This brings everyone to the table and finds a common ground that's going to appeal to a whole lot of listeners. If there was a magic button, I'd say this is it. Why is it so rare? Because it's easier said than done.

For you physical media lovers out there, act fast if you want Annihilation on vinyl. First pressings on colored vinyl are available to order RIGHT NOW! Head over to Bandcamp to get your order in now, or pick up the digital version (or both!).

I've got more good news...Street Cleaner and Protector 101 are hitting the road soon soon on the Destructure Tour hitting dates all across the East Coast! Though not officially announced yet, the Atlanta date listed below is the opening night of Echosynthetic Fest! Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on that soon with ticket details. This is a rare West Coast Synthwave tour, so DO NOT MISS these guys if a tour date is nearby!

For more info check out the event page by clicking HERE!

James Mitchell

Published July 30, 2019

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