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Writing music with a goal to make a difference, Star Noir does just that with his latest EP, Unhuman...

July 22, 2019

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Artwork by Star Noir

I'm always in awe of the ebb and flow of the synth music landscape. It's a subgenre of music that has such a rich topography that you never know what you're going to find over the next hill. Some artists are content with the valleys, travelling the roads paved by others, and to be clear, there's nothing wrong with that. You can't have mountains without these areas carved out between them. This analogy brings me back to why I'm here today...Star Noir's latest EP, Unhuman.

Unhuman stands as a beacon...a light shining from very lofty heights so that it's visible in all directions. To me it shines as a beacon of hope, as Star Noir puts it, the album tells the story of an AI awakening to learn that it's not like the rest of the world it exists in. This is something that absolutely everyone can relate to in some sort of way. But Star Noir puts it deeper than just saying as much in a blurb on his Bandcamp page for the album. Unhuman is a musical example of standing out from the crowd, being true to yourself, and saying "This is who I am, and that's okay." Point in case, there's absolutely NOTHING on the market that sounds like this EP. Star Noir has made himself vulnerable and put his heart and soul on display with this release and it bleeds through every single note. He's made this very intimate cathartic journey available to you, the listener, to take part of, and hopefully get some sort of perspective for yourself and your own journey.

Musically, Star Noir has composed something quite spectacular here. Not only did he write, produce, mix, and master Unhuman, he did the fantastic artwork as well. It gives the release a very uniform and put together feel from start to finish. It really shines with a good pair of headphones, allowing you to revel in the depth of layers in each track. Though it has a synthwave heart, Unhuman is by no means a traditional release. It feels more like an exploration, often reminding me of the intensely deep works of Juno Reactor, and that's not something I say lightly. This is truly excellent music that connects with me on a level that few records do. It speaks to my soul and my mind in equal measure.

Unhuman is out now and can be found at Bandcamp, with streaming services to follow soon. More than that, you can snag it on limited edition cassette!

James Mitchell

Published July 22, 2019

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