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Not only does Game On by SoftWave work, I feel as if it stands head and shoulders with the likes of Erasure, OMD, and The Human League...

May 01, 2019

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If you're a fan of synthpop, you might want sit down because I'm going to introduce you to your new favorite band. The Danish duo of SoftWave have crafted pure synthpop bliss on their newest LP, Game On. They wear their influences on their sleeves, which is good news for fans of the golden 80's era of the genre. Where SoftWave succeed is by taking these influences and crafting a unique sound all of their own. Not only does it work, I feel as if it stands head and shoulders with the likes of Erasure, OMD, and The Human League. Go ahead and press play below and you'll immediately understand!

What you find in a lot of duos, especially in modern synthpop, is that one member carries the releases. You either get stellar vocals with so-so arrangements, or hooks that don't quit with sub-par vocals. I can tell you right now that SoftWave is the complete package, with Jerry Olsen providing some of the most memorable synthpop music I've heard in ages, and Catrine Christensen soaring high with pitch perfect vocals. There's no doubt that these two were destined to create synthpop together. Why? Because from start to finish, Game On is a love letter to the genre, and songs this tight don't happen on accident. This is synthpop destiny!

Whether you're looking for body moving tracks, contemplative journeys, or soaring sing-a-long fun, SoftWave have created an album in Game On that should appeal to even the most casual fan of electronic music. Their goal of taking the fun and nostalgia of losing yourself in the video games and memories of your youth and bringing those feelings to the future is a rousing success. It captures the reason why synth based music is having such a big resurgence, and besides, good music is good music, no matter what the genre or time period, and I assure you...this is good music! You can buy the album HERE!

Photo Credit: Dag Stinus / Electrowerkz (UK) April 7 – 2018
James Mitchell

Published May 01, 2019

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