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Nightride FM features several original shows and features you won't find anywhere else. Each of our shows is broadcasted live on our station Nightride.FM. To find out about there shows we offer see below.


Vosto Sound Explorations

Featuring provocative music that's sometimes heavy, sometimes soft, but always unique. Vosto Sound Explorations takes you on a journey to the outer relms of the mind. Live shows occur randomly, like life itself.



The State of Synth

Get ready to hear synthwave news like you've never heard it before. Join Dennis G and Neon Fawkes as they tackle the less hard hitting synthwave news. It's funny, surreal, yet hugely informative featuring great music from synthwave's best.


Synthwave on the Fringes

Every Tuesday 8:00 PM EST join Dennis G as he takes you out on the fringes of synthwave. This 40 minute program features music from forward thinking and unique musical artists. The music is bold, edgy, and barely synthwave

Episode List:


Kitsune Nights With Azeria

Get ready to get your drive on with a great mix from Azeria. Nothing but the best of the best goes in Azeria's Kitsune Nights sets. Kitsune Nights broadcasts every Thursday at 8PM UK Time, with other mixes from Azeria happening sporadically throughout the week.



Lightride with DJ NoClue

Various speeds of bass, trap, dance, and techno music on the leash, to glide across the magnetic fields of rhythmic synths…

Noclue's musical references are a bowl of Cheerios of distinct stereo flavours, like Kavinsky or Mumbai Science.

Moreover, you have no clue what would define it. Tune in, get rekt!



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