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Perfect for those end of the summer playlists, "Hazy Sun" by Saros-FM is only the latest in a very long string of releases by one of the hardest working artists in synthwave...

August 23, 2019

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If this is your first time introduction to Saros-FM, I would like you to meet one of the hardest working artists in synthwave. No joke. He's been steadily releasing singles, EPs, and full length records at a clip that few others could compete with. What's more, his music spans all sorts of styles, genres, and types, making the phrase, "something for everyone" a mild understatement.

Fresh off the Saros-FM presses, "Hazy Sun" is an immersive #summerofsynth classic, and a perfect August release. Why? Because this is when the summer starts to wind down, the sunsets get a little more color to them, and the lasts sparkles of the magical hot season is heading toward fall. "Hazy Sun" captures the feel of this perfectly! It's a warm, comfortable place that seems instantly familiar, and that's no easy thing to do. So, if you're looking for something to start transitioning your summer playlists, look no further than Saros-FM's latest!

While you're checking out "Hazy Sun," did you know you can get the ENTIRE Saros-FM discography for less than a cheeseburger at McDonalds? No, I'm serious! What are you waiting for, you can have over 50 synthwave releases added to your Bandcamp catalogue in less time than it takes to order a coffee, and cheaper too. Click HERE to take the plunge, I did! Remember, support talented musicians, because their music helps support you when you need it most.

James Mitchell

Published August 23, 2019

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