Retro Force Finland Presents The Awakening

It's official, the Finnish have officially invaded!...

September 01, 2019

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It's official, the Finnish have officially invaded! This invasion consists of a massive double-album comprised of 20 new tracks from Finland's finest synthwave / retrowave producers and artists.

What makes this album so good is not only are so many warm and fresh sounds, almost all of the vocals are sung in their native Finnish language.  

While the album includes well established artists such as Turbo Knight and Viciousi, there are plenty of fresh talent on the roster as well.

The collection of tracks is diverse and refreshing and certainly a definitive look into what the Finnish synthwave scene has to offer. Comprised of 20 new, previously unreleased pieces, this double album marks the awakening of Retro Force Finland.

The album drops on September 1st and you can find more information at the links below:

Dennis G

Published September 01, 2019

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