Protector 101's latest, Killbots, is well oiled machine that's poised and waiting to strike...not from the shadows, but without fear in the daylight....

July 26, 2019

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Artwork by Serhiy Krykun

Delivering what has to be one of the heaviest, go for the throat, no holds barred albums of the year, Protector 101 maintains his stranglehold as one of the biggest names in darkwave music. Blurring the lines of dark synth music, EBM, and industrial, Killbots is a record that legendary bands like Ministry and Nine Inch Nails would kill for at this points in their careers. As it is, Protector 101 is out here releasing more relevant music than anything heard of in the genres I just mentioned. This stuff is the real deal, and it's not going to hold your hand to acclimate you to the surroundings. On the contrary, Protector 101 is here to push you into a pit that smells of burned oil, greased metal, and mechanical sparks.

Killbots doesn't even give you time to breathe...once you press play you're at the mercy of the machines. Harsh industrial sounds pummel you into submission with mechanical precision immediately. You're not allowed to catch your breath until Killbots has run its rusty, bloodstained course, and I intentionally use the word "allowed" here. At no point in this journey are you in control here...that's both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Blend in remixes by COGEX, Vaillante, Street Cleaner, Antoni Maiovvi, Electric Dragon, and vocal work by Kriistal Ann, and Protector 101 has a must own release on his hands here. In other words, you need to buy this now.

If you want to experience these brutal tracks live, you're in luck! Protector 101 is hitting the road with the equally amazing Street Cleaner this fall/winter on the Destructure Tour! A little birdy suggests that you pay attention the Drunken Unicorn date in Atlanta as that coincides with a certain festival that yours truly is throwing.

James Mitchell

Published July 26, 2019

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