Closing out his Occult series, Occult 89 by Occams Laser has created a collection that only has one rival, the legendary Trilogy by Carpenter Brut....

August 31, 2019

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Album Artwork by Tom Stuart

What do you do when a secret occult order exploits technology to get its message to the masses, a great evil is being reborn, and the rapture is upon us? Well, Occams Laser decided to put the story to music and out of his hard work we have the Occult series of records. It started in 2016 with Occult 86, followed yearly entries bringing us to the final chapter...Occult 89. These four records stand testament to not only the creative genius that is Occams Laser, but also as an example of what can be done with music as a storytelling device. This immersive tetralogy will go down in darksynth history as one of the most important collected works, bumping shoulders only with Carpenter Brut's masterpiece trilogy.

Occams Laser kicks things off in Occult 89 with the fittingly titled song, "The Rapture." Anyone who follows Occams Laser knows that his leadoff tracks are always, and I mean ALWAYS heavy hitters of the highest order. "The Rapture" maintains this standard and sets the stage for what is easily one of the best darksynth albums of 2019, by arguably one of the most talented purveyors of the craft. There's something about the Occams Laser "sound" ...something unsettling, yet also undeniably familiar, like it speaks to the core of you and you know its truths. Occult 89 uses this power to great effect, whispering when it needs to and bringing the dark heat as well.

At no point during Occult 89's eleven track course is there any doubt that you're in the presence of a master craftsman on the rise. I won't say he's reached the pinnacle because Occams Laser continues to get better and better with each successive release. Keep your eyes peeled in October for a special TimeSlave Recordings Record Store Day limited edition cassette edition of Occult 89. I'll be sure to remind you come that time! In the meantime, bask in the dark glory that is Occult 89, available now at Bandcamp (and all other forms of streaming goodness).

James Mitchell

Published August 31, 2019

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