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I hear the bravery in RNDM DGTL WRKS by NightmareOwl. He's taken the challenge of exploring a new direction head on, and what he's created is nothing short of extraordinary....

April 29, 2019

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Taking a step outside of your comfort zone is tough. As people it's a difficult thing to push against a place we've created as a home, especially when uncharted waters might be on the other side of the door. When you transition that sort of thinking to a musician it gets even MORE difficult. Why? Because your sound is your calling card. It's your name spelled out in audible notes. Stepping outside your comfort zone as a writer is putting yourself at risk of alienating your fans...maybe even losing some in the process. The trick is to push the boundaries while keeping your roots firmly planted, which is easier said than done. All of this to say, I hear the bravery in RNDM DGTL WRKS by NightmareOwl. He's taken the challenge head on and what he's created is nothing short of extraordinary.

Stepping away from the trappings of traditional synthwave, NightmareOwl has infused the appropriately titled RNDM DGTL WRKS with a very modern electronic sound. That's not to say that he's thrown his roots to the wind...on the contrary, he's used synthwave as a stepping stone here to explore new avenues of creativity. The beats here are bigger and bolder, the synths are layered to create immersive soundscapes you feel like you could reach out and touch in some sort of tangible way, and there's a soul here that connects you with the music in a way that words honestly can't describe. It's that magical thing that only music can do, a connection we all understand but can't really explain.

I absolutely love the new direction that NightmareOwl has taken his music. RNDM DGTL WRKS is such an expansive release that demands interaction...your participation in the journey. I can't wait to hear more of where he's headed as an artist, and I'm positive that NightmareOwl has crafted one of the year's finest records in RNDM DGTL WRKS. Buy it. Buy it now!

James Mitchell

Published April 29, 2019

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