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We're constantly updating the radio station with nothing but the best in synthwave music. Here is a list of the freshest tunes that just got added:

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We're constantly updating the radio station with nothing but the best in synthwave music. Here is a list of the freshest tunes that just got added:

Artist Title Added
Turbo Knight Navigators 2019-05-29
Ace Buchannon Mizukage Prototype 2019-05-28
ALPHABOT Payback 2019-05-28
Astro Division Space and Time 2019-05-28
Efilheim Transmission 2019-05-28
Memory Future Laguna Sunset 2019-05-28
Miles Matrix Night Striker 2019-05-28
Neontenic The Factory 2019-05-28
Night Motion Take Me There 2019-05-28
Seth Duncan Captured Life 2019-05-28
TAURUS 1984 Dream Warriors 2019-05-28
SysExF7 Self Aware 2019-04-18
SysExF7 Eon 7 2019-04-18
Alpha Chrome Yayo A Sweet Car Named Demented 2019-04-18
Alpha Chrome Yayo Cerberus 3000 (Killing Time) 2019-04-18
SVENS French Night EP 2019-04-18
Iterations Time of the Hawk 2019-04-18
Iterations Timeline 2019-04-18
Iterations The Relic 2019-04-18
Fatalvector Laser Tempest 2019-04-18
Dark Smoke Signal December Rose 2019-04-18
Shedizer Tonight (Marko Van Duke Remix) 2019-04-18
Cat Temper Code Racer 2019-04-18
Millennium Falck Beat Drop 2019-04-18
Alpha Chrome Yayo Malediction Boulevard 2019-04-18
Neuroc Bot Couture 2019-04-18
Arctic Mega Defender Mega Team to the Rescue 2019-04-18
Color Theory Backward 2019-04-18
FIGHTER JETS Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads 2019-04-18
Transpacifica Fading Neon Dreams 2019-04-18
SVENS Life Is Game 2019-04-18
Shedizer Tonight (Marko Van Duke Remix) 2019-04-18
Kalax Out of Time 2019-03-27
Kalax Night Dreamer 2019-03-27
Kalax Out of Control 2019-03-27
Kalax Not Alone 2019-03-27
Kalax Let's Go 2019-03-27
Kalax 86' 2019-03-27
Oscillian In the Company of Robots 2019-03-20
Quixotic Turbo Interceptor 2019-03-20
Quixotic White Testarossa 2019-03-20
Quixotic feat Lazerpunk Shredracer 2019-03-20
Quixotic Palms 2019-03-20
Quixotic Dust to Dust 2019-03-20
Quixotic Highway Violence 2019-03-20
Quixotic Metal Cobra 2019-03-20
Quixotic I've got You 2019-03-20
Quixotic Cocktails & Dreams 2019-03-20
Quixotic Escape from Budapest 2019-03-20
Millennium Falck Beat Drop 2019-03-20
Millennium Falck I'm on to you 2019-03-20
Millennium Falck You & She 2019-03-20
Millennium Falck Cold Head 2019-03-20
Angst Athens The Finale of Species 2019-03-20
Color Theory Feral 2019-03-13
Michael Oakley Now I'm Alive (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) 2019-03-06
Icarus Lonely Earth 2019-02-28
See Thomas Howl Dead Again 2019-02-27
See Thomas Howl Slugfest 2019-02-27
Alpha Chrome Yayo In Time 2019-02-27
Eyeshadow 2600 FM Byte Night 2019-02-27
Coleurs Limitless ft. Joslynn Cortes 2019-02-27
Alpha Chrome Yayo Breakfast In Daytona 2019-02-27
ALPHABOT Cloud 9 2019-02-27
ALPHABOT About Last Night 2019-02-27
Miles Matrix Gallows 2019-02-27
Levinsky Love Kills (feat. Sandra Bullet) 2019-02-27
Levinsky Psychosexuality ft. Megan McDuffee 2019-02-27
Levinsky Misdemeanor 2019-02-27
Aviators Lost Boys 2019-02-27
Aviators Signed on for a Sequel 2019-02-27
PYLOT Alice 2019-02-26
YORU 夜 (feat. GRYFF) 1984 2019-02-16
FM-84 Bend & Break 2019-02-14

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