Neon Shudder / Wildfire

Neon Shudder returns with his first full length record in two years! Wildfire isn't just the album we deserve, it's the album we wanted!...

June 16, 2019

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It's been far too long since anyone has been able to celebrate the release of a new Neon Shudder album. There are very few artists who can count their releases as part of the integral part of the collective synthwave DNA, but Neon Shudder is on that short list. His albums have been the building blocks for countless glitched out records and served as inspiration for many others who enjoyed Neon Shudder albums in their daily lives. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he's back!

Wildfire is the first new music we've heard since 2017, and right out of the starting gates it's obvious that Neon Shudder is back in his element. The new album is atmospherically rich, paranoid in nature, and spirals fiercely like a dystopian black hole future. Each track unfolds like a new story to explore, but at the same time you feel you're not supposed to be you're listening to the soundtrack of an alternate world that easily could have been ours. Honestly, Neon Shudder releases have always had that transportive effect. It's as if they're windows into world that could be real, and who knows...maybe they are.

If you snag the album on Bandcamp your download zip comes with all sorts of goodies, including photos, designs, short fiction, and more! The album is worth it alone, but Neon Shudder puts a lot of thought into is creative worlds, and I think that's worth supporting.

James Mitchell

Published June 16, 2019

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