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By using the cold war, stealth missions, and the paranoia of the times as inspiration, Moondragon can count Oceana as a huge accomplishment...

June 25, 2019

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There are countless albums out there that target specific time periods, films, and places. While this isn't a new concept, when an artist can manage to do this in a way that is new and exciting, it's worth bringing to the forefront. Moondragon's latest full length does exactly that. Using the cold war, specifically the secret, and now mythical missions of the SEAL teams and SOCOM, Oceana sets itself apart from any competition by a longshot.

The cold war is something that has always interested me, not just because I lived in the paranoid and unsure times that marked the end of it, but because it defined the way the world worked for such a long period of time. Managing to capture all of those feelings and atmosphere and blend them into an album in a way that works had to be a heavy task. On top of that, adding in the stealthy missions of the SEAL teams and SOCOM to the mix complicated things further. Not only did Moondragon manage it, he brilliantly added in soundbites from the time period that really drive it home. This was a stroke of genius that really put the final touch on what would have already been a great album.

Oceana is out NOW and available at Bandcamp!

James Mitchell

Published June 25, 2019

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