Mirrorvoid / In Time To Go Back

Mirrorvoid's In Time To Go Back Again provides some of 2019's best grooves and a time machine filtered soundtrack worthy of every collection...

August 01, 2019

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Album artwork by Mirrorvoid

By building on danceworthy grooves, infectious hooks, and solid writing, Mirrorvoid's 'In Time To Go Back' has quickly become one of my go to albums of 2019. I'd be selling it short if I left it at that, because the whole feel of the album is unlike anything else I've pressed play on this year. The first thing I want to shine a light on are the basslines. They sound like they could have been cut from Some Great Reward era Depeche Mode, and boy do they add a serious backbone to the whole record. More than that, with credit to the title of the album, every track sounds like it was filtered through a time machine. I know that doesn't make sense to read in word form, but trust me, once you start listening to the album you're going to understand me!

'In Time To Go Back' is OUT NOW and I very highly recommend spending some time with it. This isn't your momma or your daddy's synthwave. This is something else all together, and that's exciting. With an air of mystery, excitement, and retro-futuristic danger lurking around the corner of every song, I'd say Mirrorvoid is going to be extremely high on my list of artists to watch. Seriously though...this album is worth buying for the basslines alone!

James Mitchell

Published August 01, 2019

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