Synthpop veterans Mind Machine follow up their standout album, Return to the Machine, with the equally impressive Remix the Machine...

August 23, 2019

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Artwork by Brian Belknap

Earlier this year Mind Machine released on of them milestone synthpop releases of 2019. Return to the Machine was their first album since the early 90's and it proved several things. One, they didn't miss a beat in their years away, and two, synthpop is stronger than ever as a medium of music, especially in the hands of masters like Brian Olsen and Brian Belknap. So, how do you follow up something like that? Any synthpop fan worth their salt should already know the answer...a remix album, of course!

In the world of synthpop, the remix is a staple of the musical diet. In the pre-internet days I remember scouring message boards and trading cassettes with people from around the world to get my hands on rare or regional remixes. The internet has made getting ahold of a coveted remix a whole lot easier, but it hasn't dampened the appeal. Remix the Machine is stacked from beginning to end with brilliant reworks of Mind Machine's standout record, and some of the names are eyebrow raising names in the world of synthpop: Darwinmcd, Nature of Wires, Parralox, Fused, Provision, Frozen Plasma, MDA, The Frixion, The New Division, Eisfabrik, Uncreated, People Theatre, Zoon Politicon, Graflex, The Grey Disorder, and Circuit3.

From old school nods to new school infusions, you're going to find a little bit of everything...just like a good remix album should! Remix the Machine is OUT NOW on digital OR compact disc (for you physical media collectors out there).

James Mitchell

Published August 23, 2019

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