Microchip Terror / Circuitry of Doom (Single)

Circuitry of Doom by Microchip Terror is proof of his legend in the world of industrial tinged cyberpunk circles. Fingers crossed there's more where this came from!...

September 07, 2019

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Art Model and Editing - Peter Hua / Art Photography - Kei Chen www.keichensy.com www.instagram.com/keichensy/

If there was ever an artist that had the ability to fill you with wonder and discomfort at the same time, it's Microchip Terror. His music is the equivalent of a body horror film...you can't take your attention away from it but you've got your hand over your face to obscure the complete view. He's so good at what he does...blending industrial edge, cyberpunk science fiction, edge of your seat horror, and hooks that have legitimately sharp points. "Circuitry of Doom" is his latest addition, and it proves once again that he's one of the best in the business. Check it out HERE. If there's more up his sleeve, I assure you, I'll be on top of it!!!

James Mitchell

Published September 07, 2019

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