MacReady have released one of 2019's most complete and genuine records. KIBA is a journey they invited us all on, and is well worth the trip!...

August 31, 2019

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MacReady's album KIBA is something I've been looking forward to since whispers of its existence first began. I was a HUGE fan of last year's 2600 and since that time I've learned that the duo of Johnny and Justin are also two of the nicest guys in synthwave. That adds even more to the music for me because it adds a personal touch that you just don't get from everyone out there. Seeing as how we've already teased this amazing album with a review of the singles "Kawasaki Ninjas Rule," "Sunset on Mt. Fuji," and a full exclusive stream of the album, how about we dive right into the masterpiece that is KIBA?

The way MacReady have promoted KIBA has been super cool, and if you've kept up with their social media, you've honestly had the opportunity to be a part of the journey. In a series of videos called The KIBA Diaries, they documented their journey to Japan and in doing so brought us all along for the trip that obviously influenced this record. More than just bringing us as the listener along on KIBA, they brought some friends too. This record features some pretty heavy hitters, featuring collaborations from FacexHugger, Street Cleaner, and Watch Out For Snakes! And these aren't your run of the mill guest appearances, with the transitions being handled in the coolest ways possible. FacexHugger appears in "Kawasaki Ninjas Rule" after you hear an announcement saying "A New Challenger Approaches!" and then he joins the "fight." It's such a cool way to showcase and highlight who you're collaborating with. Street Cleaner is introduced to "Sex Crimes in Shinjuku" as the song breaks away to a news report of vigilante justice in a string of Yakuza killings in Shinjuku. How cool is that?!? Watch Out For Snakes is so intertwined in "Sunset at Mt. Fuji" that he hardly needs introduction, as he is hands down the best chiptune artist out there (yes, I said it).

KIBA is absolutely one of my favorite records of the year, and I think the way that MacReady made it OUR album to is one of the coolest experiences of 2019. This is the kind of thing we need to get behind as a community...original music, by genuine artists, creating something straight out of their heart. It's available on limited edition cassette and CD as well, so get on it! Click HERE to get yours today!

James Mitchell

Published August 31, 2019

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