MacReady feat. Watch Out For Snakes / Sunset on Mt. Fuji

Teasing a new full length record, MacReady team up with Watch Out For Snakes on "Sunset on Mt. Fuji." Don't sleep on this...MacReady are primed for the bigtime!...

August 06, 2019

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With their third single off of the upcoming Kiba full length (due out September 3rd, get your pre-order in NOW), California's MacReady have teamed up with Atlanta's chiptune keytar hero, Watch Out For Snakes. "Sunset on Mt. Fuji" sounds like the ending credits music of the hardest video game you've ever played...such elation, epic fist pumps, and high fives with your buddy who has been by your side as you've tried all summer to beat it. It's a builder, a track that grows from the light and simple beginnings to an emotional heart pounder at the finish. I'm saying it now, WAY before anyone else is, DO NOT SLEEP ON MACREADY. They're about to break out in a big way and you're going to seem so much cooler if you go ahead and get on the bandwagon now. They've been pumping out some of the best music in synthwave since they landed, and now they've got collabs with Street Cleaner, FacexHugger, and Watch Out For Snakes on this album alone. I'm serious, Kiba might just be album of the year material. Don't just take my word for it though, check out this amazing track!

James Mitchell

Published August 06, 2019

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