Heart by Lost Outrider is like plugging yourself into a pure source of synthwave. It's a dream record from beginning to end!...

August 01, 2019

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Artwork by Tim Sinfield Illustration

Oh my! How to even start here? The impression that Heart by Lost Outrider makes on you is immediate. My initial thoughts were how great it sounds, so tip of the hat to Nathan Michael for his amazing mixing, production work, and mastering. Second, if you're going to collaborate with other artists on your album, you could take a tip or two from what Lost Outrider have done here. They've brought aboard New Arcades, Preston Knight, Michi, and Jordan Samuel, ALL of which compliment the record in nothing but positive ways.

Heart sounds like a dream...like you've plugged yourself into the source of pure synthwave. From the soaring guitars, perfectly blended synths, and vocals that will have your heart swelling in your chest, Lost Outrider have crafted a near perfect example of what can be done with this amazing artform we call home. From start to finish you're not going to find any filler, dips in quality, or time for boredom. On the contrary, Heart brings the heat throughout its running time.

I'd offer you a chance to grab this on cassette, but you know how those TimeSlave Recordings releases go...quickly...that's how they go. You can still snag it on digital in the meantime while you hope for a second pressing! It's available right now at Bandcamp!

James Mitchell

Published August 01, 2019

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