Album Review: "Chillsandbeaches" by Kiomono

Kiomono's second album "Chillsandbeaches" is the perfect accompaniment to a sunset drive or boulevard coffee....

June 20, 2019

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"Chillsandbeaches" Album Art

A little about Kiomono:

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Kiomono started his journey with synths and sound design many years ago. He decided to shape his music into tracks in his debut 5 song EP “Aftersunset” - released November 9, 2018.

Kiomono himself

Recently, he released “Chillsandbeaches”, a 5 track EP, on April 19th, 2019.  It can best be described as a blend of dreamwave and ambient synthwave. It’s available on most major platforms, and should be on everyone's radar. This album is a beautiful collection of smooth synthwave sounds with some strong driving basslines and chords.

Let’s do a quick dive into the content of this EP (as always, let me qualify that I lack music theory or skills, so I try to best describe the tracks in my own humble manner)

Toes in the Sand” - This smooth dreamwave piece starts with filtered pitch bends leading into a nice graceful groove. When listening to this, you could imagine yourself sitting on a bench on a campus or boulevard, in the sun, watching the world peacefully go about it’s business at a brusque pace.

Pebbles and Palms” - The longest tune on the EP, this track blends a smooth rhythmic melody with a driving bass and beat, perfect for cruising with the sunset in your face. This is my second favourite song on the album...the pacing is perfect for my “on the go” lifestyle.

Sun Bath” - Kicking off with a pulsing beat and crystal clear percussion, this melody drops into a nice atmospheric ballad which, to me, represents synthwave perfectly. Perfect soundtrack material for a retro flick. Some nice arps sneak in near the end.

Night Waves” - This song makes me think so much of ‘80s movies like Tequila Sunrise. It must be the nice chill vibes or the orchestral chords dropping throughout the track. This is probably the most ambient tune on the album.

King of Mono” - This is my favourite entry on the album. It’s pulsing, driving pace is reminiscent of John Carpenter tunes. It especially reminds me of movies like “Escape From New York” or “Assault on Precinct 13”.

Take my advice and play this album from beginning to end, whether you are sitting and chilling, or driving your car. The music throughout will get your heart pumping and your mind dreaming (OK...perhaps don’t dream while driving). Two tracks I really love are "King of Mono" and "Pebbles and Palms", but everything on this release is sweet sounds to my ears.

Kiomono also just released a single called Officer Chase on June 13th, 2019, and we’ve featured it on The State of Synth here at Nightride.FM. Be sure to take a listen to this track!

Kiomono's latest track art from "Officer Chase"

Follow, support, and contact Kiomono at the following links:

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Julian Green

Published June 20, 2019

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