Isidor's latest album, Avalon Quest (out now on NRW Records), proves that he has the power to rewrite the future of synthwave. Not to be missed!...

June 29, 2019

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Artwork by: Tony SKEOR

Synthwave started as a pond with a handful of artists making something new out of something old. As the genre has grown, that pond has grown from a lake to a small ocean. Unfortunately there's a lot of pre-packaged "sameness" if you zoom in and investigate the fish in that ocean. What's more, it's very hard to distinguish yourself from the rest of when there are so many mouths trying to get a bite of the prize. The second you create something unique, a dozen other artists are copying your template on their next release. Somehow Isidor has avoided this, and I think it's because nobody CAN copy it. The second your press play on a Isidor release there is no confusion as to who you are listening to. His go for the throat synthwave, futuristic cyberpunk, and blistering guitars blend together to create one of the most recognizable sounds in the genre. In short, when you look down at that ocean I mentioned earlier, you'll see Isidor swimming with the big fish.

Isidor's latest full length, Avalon Quest, see's its release on the biggest platform of them all, NewRetroWave Records. Not only is this a huge accomplishment, it also validates what I've known since the first time I heard his music...Isidor is one of the best artists in synthwave. It seems to me that this would be both a blessing and a curse. The knowledge that your music is so well received has to feel great, but it seems like the pressure to one-up yourself with each new record would be high. Isidor doesn't seemed to be phased at all though...on the contrary, every single time he releases new music it's an exercise in master class synthwave. This all boils down to pure talent, driven hard work, and perhaps some sort of synthwave wizardry.

Avalon Quest lives up to the Isidor pedigree, delivering the goods right out of the gate. It doesn't let up until the last seconds of the record tick down to zero, no filler in sight. Any one of the tracks on this record could be a single, every one could and should be on your summer playlists, and I suspect the record is going to be a frequent spinner for quite some time (like every other Isidor record I own). How he's able to package so much power and energy into the music he writes is a mystery to me. He doesn't beat you over the head with it or come off as heavy handed, on the contrary, Isidor's Avalon Quest flows from beginning to end like an unharnessed river. You know the water is a powerful force with the ability to shape the face of the world, but on its surface you feel you're on the adventure of a lifetime.

You can grab Avalon Quest RIGHT NOW on digital, limited edition vinyl, and limited edition cassette on NewRetroWave Records!

James Mitchell

Published June 29, 2019

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