Interview with Paradise Walk

Nightride.FM is a multinational website. We want to proudly announce the replenishment in our ranks. Meet - Oleg. He is interviewer from Russia, journalist and one of the biggest...

February 17, 2020

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Nightride.FM is a multinational website. We want to proudly announce the replenishment in our ranks. Meet - Oleg. He is interviewer from Russia, journalist and one of the biggest synthwave fans in his country. Here is the interview with band from Cardiff, UK - Paradise Walk

Hello from warm Russian! Nice to be able to talk with you! Hope this will be a pleasure and interesting for all of us. Please introduce yourselves tour readers.

Hey Guys, Thanks for having us. We are Christian (Guitars & Vocals) and Lee (Keyboards & Vocals).

So How did your project “PARADISE WALK” begins? What’s the meaning of the band name?

We’ve been in various bands and projects together for well over a decade now and we’ve been friends for even longer than that. We’ve played all sorts of styles of music - From Emo to Metal core to Acoustic, you name it. Members have come and gone and band names have changed. But it’s always remained us two at the core. We came up with the name “Paradise Walk” after seeing the works of American photographer Eugene Smith. One of his most famous photographs taken is of his children walking hand in hand through a garden, taken upon his return from war torn Europe. I think it just resonated with us.

Do you have a role separation where one of you is doing the lyrics while the other is writing samples etc..?

Usually, one of us will have an idea at the time like a melody, a lyric, or a riff and we’ll fine tune it and work out performance parts as we go. Having the songs come across as organic and real is really important to us, its essential that they all have a meaning that not only resonates with us but also our listeners.

Well, its 2016 Your little known collective among the retrowave community which has a few singles and 11-track release, but suddenly you have released “Neon Rain” with a Sax solo from Thomas Edinger who has worked closely with The midnight band. Maybe it’s a big achievement for you, isn’t it? How did you manage to meet him? Which feelings did you have while working together?

Well We wrote “Neon Rain” with the intentions of having a saxophone solo and when we came across Thomas we felt it just had to be him, We got in contact with him and thankfully he liked the song and laid down the awesome solo that has become synonymous with it. It truly blew our minds and certainly gave weight to the success of the track.

Could you name your “Rogue” EP as your first major release? And what was the writing Process to making “Rogue”

The process of writing and producing our first Ep “ROGUE” was thrilling and somewhat exacting. We are always learning and working towards bettering ourselves as overall musicians and producers. After “ROGUE” was in its earliest stages we knew what direction we wanted to take it in, The protagonists were out for revenge and would return as heroes or would they?

I know you have a friendship with the artist Morgan Willis and you have a joint release that you created again in 2016. Have you any other friends with in the retrowave scene or guys who had some working lines with you?

Morgan Willis is one of the nicest and most genuine human beings we’ve met in and out of the scene, he’s so easy to work with and we are totally on the same wave length, we’ve clicked since the beginning. That’s not to say we’ve not made friends with other artists within the scene but no projects have been set.

Are you planning to use a Female vocalist in your future works?

We’re very much open to having other vocalists feature on future projects. It’s a case of finding the right vocalist for the right song, but it could happen, it’s something we haven’t done to date, so why not.

What does the 80’s era mean to you? Why in your opinion is it fashionable now?

Whats not to like? the movies the music the fashion the advancements that were made, it was a fantasy era. We both like to look back at the 80’s while looking forward and take with us the nostalgia and the magic attached to it.

Whats city in the 80’s would you consider to be your favourite, Miami or LA and Why?

We’ve never actually been to either city but based off 80’s Movies where it has a Noir theme and a glamour culture, we would choose LA.

Ok, Final question is: The release of your next album “Cruel Hearts Club” is set for Valentines day, what surprises do you have in store for us and what are your plans for the rest of 2020?

Cruel Hearts Club

Yeah we totally can’t wait for you guys to Hear the whole album and on Valentine’s day, the theme could not be more apt. As for our future plans, the rest of the year we will continue to produce more music, play shows and continue to grow our fan base. Always expect the unexpected.
We would like to thank everyone for being so patient while you have waited for the release of our album; your support has been very humbling. Thank you Oleg for the interview, it’s been a pleasure.

Thanks a lot you guys, it was very cool talking with you! Wish you happiness and all the best with your future endeavours.

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Published February 17, 2020

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