Exclusive: Us3r Interview, Album First Listen

Us3r's album will be released May 1st. Here is my interview complete with three exclusive first listens from the upcoming album....

April 30, 2019

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In there current landscape of Synthwave there are a lot of musical artists out there that prefer to stay in-between the lines. Us3r is not one of them. Pronounced like "User," this California native will be releasing his first major album 1985 on May 1st. It's an album that shares stories about his life and experiences growing up in the 80s and easily falls into my top five albums of 2019.

If you dig little deeper beneath the surface of the album, you will always find something unexpected and interesting. The lyrics and substance of his music vary greatly as you navigate through his songs. The songs are dynamic and you never really know where it’s going to take you to from track to track. One song might be full of self reflection and the next could be a club banger just because this is the mood that struck him. Sometimes Us3r’s music can be melodic and reflective, other times it can be punchy and rebellious. With all of this, there is one thread that ties it all together. Us3r makes the music he wants to make no matter what anyone else thinks.

I was lucky to have spent some time chatting with Us3r before his album launches. Like so many great talks with passionate artists, the conversation easily went into the late hours of the night. However, I was able to boil the juicy parts down to around an hour. Us3r's passion for making music is easily apparent especially when we discuss the thoughts and meanings behind the music he writes to which I am happy to share in the interview below. In this interview we discuss a wide range of topics including his inspirations, experiences, and most importantly the meanings behind his uniquely crafted songs.

As a special Nightride FM exclusive this interview also contains three completely remastered songs from his upcoming album including “Chemistry”, “Falling Sun”, “Partition”, and the album’s namesake “1985”. We hope you enjoy the interview and the exclusive first listens . Us3r’s album debuts May 1st, 2019.

Dennis G

Published April 30, 2019

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