Dennis G and Nightride.FM present the official r/outrun Artist Spotlight interview with Michael Oakley...

March 17, 2019

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Michael Oakley is no stranger to synthwave production. He has written and produced music with Ollie Wride. He has also toured with FM-84 and was a featured performer at Outland 2018. As part of his Artist Spotlight on Reddit Outrun, I was given the privilege to sit down with him for an in depth interview. In this discussion Michael talks about his experiences writing music, touring, and getting signed with NewRetroWave. You can listen to the full interview below.

You can find Michael Oakley's music on his Bandcamp page. Make sure you get your questions ready and check out his official Artist Spotlight AMA on r/outrun March 4th 2019. We'll see you there.

Introspect is coming March 8th
Dennis Gruetter

Published March 17, 2019

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