Icarus & Primo Teams up for "Vapor Memories"

Swedish Icarus teams up with Austin based powerhouse Primo for the Electro Pop/Nu-disco single Vapor Memories and a Stunning video!...

July 24, 2020

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Stand-outs in the retro-electro scene, Icarus and Primo the Alien have teamed up to create an exciting, genre-bending single, “Vapor Memories.” Icarus has had significant success through licensing and online forums like Reddit and YouTube, amounting to millions of views in video features. Recently, his single “Lonely Earth” was selected as YouTube influencer, Barış Özcan’s, favorite song of 2019, resulting in the song going viral through Shazam.


Two-time American Idol Golden Ticket recipient and synthpop artist, Primo the Alien, is a rising star in the growing synthwave scene. “My Delorean,” a collaboration with Timecop1983, currently has with over half a million streams on Spotify, and earlier this year, she was nominated by the prominent publication, “The Austin Chronicle” as the “Best Electronic Artist” in Austin. Together, Icarus and Primo the Alien bring you “Vapor Memories.”


Glowing dimly on the walls of your mind are remnants of forgotten dreams. We call them Vapor Memories. In the fading light of lost love, broken promises, and secrets told, is the shadow of your hidden self, a figure simultaneously unrecognizable and familiar. “Vapor Memories” is about chasing the shadow, clearing the fog, and breaking the barrier that lies between what we see and what we feel.

Featuring vocals written and performed by Texas-based, Primo the Alien, and an upbeat grooving track from Swedish Retro Electro artist, Icarus, “Vapor Memories” is an innovative blend of pop, nu-disco, synthwave, and electronic dance music. The single comes with a visually stunning video (shot by Icarus among abandoned industrial buildings in Stockholm, Sweden) that brings this imaginative single to life. With nuance and dimension rarely heard in modern electronic music, “Vapor Memories” is an eerie, nostalgia-laced delight.

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Dennis G

Published July 24, 2020

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