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Broadcasting on Nightride FM is a great way to connect

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Broadcasting on Nightride FM is a great way to connect with the synthwave community in a fun and creative way and getting started couldn't be easier.

To broadcast to the station you would need something that can broadcast to an Icecast server. Her are some of the more popular DJ programs that support broadcasting to our Icecast server:

Virtual DJ  

Virtual DJ  is a very popular DJ software use by many or our top broadcasters. It's easy to use and full of great features. You will need to use the Pro Version in order to broadcast which is not free but certainly worth the money.


If you're not interested in going the paid route, Mixxx is going to be your go-to software of choice. It's feature rich and fully capable of streaming your shows on Nightride FM.

Traktor DJ

Traktor is another popular DJ software that can be configure to broadcast to Icecast. It's not free and requires a bit more configuration but it's an excellant DJ platform once you get it up and running.

For a basic guide to get you up and running with Mixxx you can check out this document. Note: This document also contains instructions  on how to set up a broadcast from an external audio feed. If you are not broadcast an external feed you can simpy ignore those parts of the instructions.

Microphones are good to have if you are looking to add some personality to your show. We recommend usb powered condensor mics. Here is an article that recommends some really nice microphiones for broadcasting.

Controllers are imporortant to anyone that really wants to perfect their craft. The prices vary creatly depending on the features you want, your software choice, and your budget.

Once you have what you need we can get you access to our test stream where you can make sure everything is working and sounding correct. After that we can set you up with an account where you can do your thing. As for what you want to broadcast, that's pretty much up to you.

Have fun and hapy broadcasting!

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