Galaxy 80 soars with Moonwalk, a truly immersive sci-fi synthwave experience that rightfully demands attention...

June 28, 2019

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It's finally here! It seems like I've been waiting for ages for the latest album from Galaxy 80 to hit, and today the wait is finally over. Moonwalk lands in your speakers thanks to TimeSlave Recordings on digital, limited edition colored vinyl, and limited edition cassette. The question now is simple, is Moonwalk work the wait? Has Galaxy 80 been able to prove he's no one trick pony and surpass and already impressive debut? The short answer is an immediate yes.

My favorite thing about Galaxy 80's music is that I can put it on, pop in my earbuds, and I can float away into the musical landscapes he's created. His music has a familiarity to it...a recognition that hides at the edges of your memory with a name that's just on the tip of your tongue. That's important. It draws you in and keeps you safe and warm in that favorite sweater kind of way. This is where most synthwave artists want you, it's where they want to keep you, and it's where they stay. Galaxy 80 isn't content with this though, and that's why Moonwalk succeeds, that's why it flirts with greatness. By pushing past the "set" boundaries of the genre, Galaxy 80 has created an album that's both a nostalgic comfort AND a soaring sci-fi experience, like pulling on a synthwave VR set. Hit play, and you're there.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention "Never Give Up" feat. vocals from Michelle Harding. This is a stunner of a track, with summer soundtrack playlist written all over it. Pairing it with all of the already excellent musical scores helps add to the musical experience I've been trying to explain. Moonwalk blends it all together so well, I can't come up with anyone who wouldn't find something to love here. P.S. If you're into physical media, TimeSlave Recordings releases are VERY well made, but they always sell out. Don't hesitate...get over to Bandcamp and snag Moonwalk TODAY!

James Mitchell

Published June 28, 2019

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