Fused / Tear Me to Pieces (feat. Kay Burden

"Tear Me To Pieces" has old school soul with new school verve. Fused and Kay Burden have served up a perfect slice of summer synthpop...

July 29, 2019

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There's a balance out there, especially in the worlds that dabble in nostalgia. Synthpop is a genre that can muddle itself quickly, alienating fans who want a taste of the old with the new, or pushing away those who like their music as modern as possible. Where's that line? Nobody knows. That's why it's always so magical when an artist strikes that middle ground so well. How do you know? You FEEL it. Your soul is filled with an emotion that's unlike anything else...it's something I only feel when I listen to pitch perfect synthpop. Thankfully there's a lot of that to be had lately, which brings me to why we're here today! "Tear Me To Pieces" by Fused, featuring stunning vocals by Kay Burden, is just such a track. More than that, it's a full fledged maxi-single with remixes and a legitimate b-side to boot! If you enjoy your synthpop steeped in the legendary sounds of OMD and Erasure with the modern verve of acts like Mesh, De/Vision, or Iris, you're going to want to pay close attention! "Tear Me To Pieces" is OUT NOW and you'd better act fast if you want one of these limited edition cd editions!

James Mitchell

Published July 29, 2019

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