Frisky Monkey / Crystal Blue (Electric Runner Remix)

What happens when synthpop magicians Frisky Monkey and synthwave specialist Electric Runner combine? Pure audio magic! Crystal Blue (Electric Runner Remix) is the proof!...

July 22, 2019

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Anyone who has followed Echosynthetic for any period of time knows that I absolutely LOVE Frisky Monkey. They're an Atlanta based synthpop duo consisting of Juan Cezar on vocals and Douglas Pettus, who is a musical wizard. "Crystal Blue" originally appeared on their last full length record, Misadventures of a Misguided Monkey, which released last September. I'm back today to revisit the track because on of the premiere acts in synthwave, Electric Runner, has given it a remix treatment and the results are absolutely explosive. These two acts have teamed up before and the results are always out of this world. I hope you enjoy it...and I dare you to try an listen to it only once (it's not possible, by the way)! You can snag it right now over at Bandcamp! As always, I urge you to explore the rest of the Frisky Monkey catalogue, but don't forget to check out the amazing Electric Runner while you're at it!

James Mitchell

Published July 22, 2019

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