Fighter Jets / Alone In Our Rooms

Meet Fighter Jets, one of the best West Coast talents on the scene. With tracks like "Alone In Our Rooms" to back up that statement, they should be on everyone's radar right now!...

July 01, 2019

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Fighter Jets are a band that have flown under my radar for FAR TOO LONG! They're a band that I've known of for quite some time, and honestly, when FacexHugger is recommending a band it carries a lot of weight. That being said, between random issues with servers and other such nonsense, getting them on the site hadn't happened...until now. Today I am finally shouting their name out with my digital megaphone called Echosynthetic.

First things first, nobody...and I mean NOBODY even comes close to capturing the Fighter Jets sound. They're a completely unique outfit that blend together so many wonderful things that they've practically created their own genre. Need proof? Just hit PLAY on the Spotify embed above! "Alone In Our Rooms" is a multi-layered masterclass in creative synth writing. This is how you do it. This is how you stand out from the pack. This is how you raise the flag and declare this space is yours.

Watch this space...there's plenty more where this came from and I fully intend to make sure Echosynthetic is there for every future note this band releases. In the meantime, check out their work at Bandcamp!

James Mitchell

Published July 01, 2019

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