Ferus Melek / We Don't Belong Here

Writing some of the most impressive synth based music in the world, Ferus Melek is back with We Don't Belong Here!...

June 19, 2019

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If you were to ask me to name some of my favorite synth artists, Ferus Melek would make the list every single time. There's a richness to the way he writes, giving all of his releases a very unique signature sound. I honestly can't put my finger on it because it's certainly not traditional synthwave. It's not a full on 80's throwback either. He's crafting something that nobody else can lay claim to, and this makes a Ferus Melek release something worth celebrating. I'm saying all this to convey that his latest full length, We Don't Belong Here, is really, really good.

The first thing that hit me about We Don't Belong here is the optimism...the upbeat feel to the record. Not to say that Ferus Melek is a purveyor of doom and gloom, but by his own description on Bandcamp, he writes pre-apocalyptic music. Proving that he's got plenty of tricks up his sleeve, he's written an album that has that hint of hope woven into the chords. You couldn't ask for a better way to soundtrack the summer heat, and in his own way, Ferus Melek has scripted the way forward for others to follow. This is my current high water mark for the summer of synth.

Whether you're looking for introspective pieces, body movers, vocoder vocal tracks (always a win in my book), or the best bassline this side of Italo Disco (I'm looking at you, "Hit and Run"), We Don't Belong Here quite literally has something for everyone. Writing a record that has such broad appeal isn't easy, nor is an album of all kill tracks from start to finish. There's no buffer tracks or filler to be found, and I confidently recommend this album with the highest marks.

James Mitchell

Published June 19, 2019

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