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Get Behind the Driver's Seat...

March 21, 2019

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Hot off the heels of her new album Future Forces Moonraccoon  is back with another tune guaranteed to put you back in the fast lane  again. Her new song "Ride" is the main showpiece from her latest EP of  the same name.

"Ride" is and an expertly crafted pop arrangement  guaranteed to warm up anyone's dashboard on these cold February nights.  Co-writing as well as performing the vocals on "Ride" is none other than  Gryff. We were able to catch up with him to get a little insight on the  vocals and lyrics for track:

When Moonraccoon showed me the idea for this track, it was something I wanted to put my vocals on from the very start. It has that energy of classic 80s montage music which is something everyone tends to enjoy on different levels. I really dig my harmonies and vocal work on it.

— Gryff, Co-writer and Vocalist

As for the music, the sound is unmistakably the styling of  Moonraccoon. "Ride" once again puts you in the driver's seat of your  favorite futuristic action movie. It's a pedal to the metal fast paced  fun. It's a catchy tune that just feels good to listen to.

With a great collaboration like this I simply cannot wait to see what  Moonraccoon has in store for us next. Make sure you ride over to Bandcamp and  pick this one up.

Dennis G

Published March 21, 2019

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