Ethereal Delusions / Night Flight (feat. Frisky Monkey)

Like all great producers, Ethereal Delusions plays to the strengths of his collaborating artist. This makes "Night Ride" feat. Frisky Monkey truly shine!...

August 09, 2019

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Ethereal Delusions was one of the most inventive producers in synthwave in the earlier years of Echosynthetic. As the years have passed he's grown and expanded even further, exploring the far reaches of synth based music. He's now known more for his progressive song structuring, brilliant layering, studio prowess, and never resting very long in one musical place. It has made Ethereal Delusions one of the most exciting acts to follow, especially when you've got an amazing collaboration with Frisky Monkey like "Night Ride." It's a road that goes both ways, as you'll hear Ethereal Delusions on the upcoming Frisky Monkey remix album (you can find that HERE).

Like any great producer, Ethereal Delusions played toward the strengths of Juan Cezar's voice, creating an intricate surface for the vocals to be painted on. "Night Ride" is available now at Bandcamp! Check it out!

James Mitchell

Published August 09, 2019

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