Equinox / Hey (with KiDD) Video Premiere

I'm honored to play host to the music video premiere of "Hey" by Equinox, featuring KiDD. It's one of 14 tracks from Correction, a follow up to one of 2017's finest releases....

August 26, 2019

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There are a lot of cool things I get to do with Echosynthetic, but this premiere is a real highlight! In 2017 Equinox released one of the best albums of the year in 'It's Hard to be Happy When Your Head is Full of Sin,' and I had the opportunity to interview Equinox about it at that time. Now that the follow up, 'Correction,' is set to come out at the end of August, I've got the honor of introducing you to one of the songs you'll hear on it early! If this is your first time experiencing Equinox, let me set the stage a little bit. First of all, Equinox is a modern poet, a master with the pen and pencil the way a painter might use a brush, or a sculptor might create a statue out of a block of clay. His use of spoken word as a vehicle for his art elevates the poetry in a way that's hard to describe, with each creation better experienced for yourself than written about in detail by me (because I would surely not do them justice!). I believe I quoted his last album as being, "one of the most immersive, frustrating, enjoyable, progressive, and ultimately listenable records I've ever heard," and I'll stand by those words still to this day.

The way Equinox chooses guest artists to create an audio world around his works creates such a diverse environment, an audio palette, if you will, pushes the listener...challenges them...makes them a part of it, and you can't help but listen. But more than anything, you FEEL these songs. So, enjoy "Hey" featuring the musical talents of Glasgow's KiDD, who has new music of his own out now. I strongly suggest you check out his other work! I know that I will be digging in! I'd also like to shine a light on the video's creator, Stuarturo, who nailed the visual manipulation and brought it all together with the music and spoken word.

Correction comes out August 30th, and you can get it on digital or limited edition compact disc feat. artwork by Ashley Reaks! More details HERE!

James Mitchell

Published August 26, 2019

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