ELYXR / Eternal Life Eternal Youth

Eternal Life Eternal Youth from ELYXR is a revelation...a collection of individual collaborations that have fused to make one of 2019's most magical records....

July 30, 2019

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If you want to talk about collaborations, there is one king of the hill, and it's not even close. ELYXR has amassed a who's who of list of artists that he's worked with, and it's no secret why. He is really, really, really talented. Kasson Crooker, the man behind the curtain of ELYXR, is a legitimate musical wizard, so that's no ironic statement. These creations not only show his prowess in the studio, they also highlight the best of the artist he's working with, and that's where the real magic happens.

So, what exactly did I mean by a who's who list of collaborators? How about Kurt Larson of Information Society, Melissa R Kaplan of Universal Hall Pass, Elissa LeCoque of Kodacrome, Casey Desmond of CMB, Brian Hazard of Color Theory, Sonja 3v3.t3a of The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight, and Katrina Kope of Purr Gato. What's amazing is that ELYXR has taken this group of artists with very unique sounds on their own and created an album that flows seamlessly from start to finish, almost like there was a master plan behind it all. There's so much emotion packed into each and every one of these songs, I just don't think you can take it all in at once. This is an album that is going to keep revealing new discoveries and experiences with each successive listen. In short, Eternal Life Eternal Youth is a keeper...the kind of record you wouldn't mind being the only one in your deserted island survival kit.

Eternal Life Eternal Youth is available NOW and I can't recommend it high enough. I've been a huge fan of ELYXR for some time now and even I wasn't prepared for how amazing these songs sound together in one collection. It's been a real musical awakening for me, especially spending so much time with these songs as individual creations. It's like pulling the camera back to reveal the connections you never saw before. That's not just a musical experience, that's a life experience too...and who can claim something like that on their latest record?

James Mitchell

Published July 30, 2019

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