Electric Dragon / Beasts EP

At their primal core, each track in Electric Dragon's Beasts EP is a layered achievement, something to behold and fear in equal measure....

June 28, 2019

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Art by Serhiy Krykun

In what has to be one of the most anticipated EP releases of 2019, Electric Dragon has unleashed his latest work, Beasts! From the name of the EP, to the track titles, and the amazing Serhiy Krykun artwork, Beasts just exudes the word DANGER in every possible way. It's a warning that I suggest you do not heed, because while this is most certainly a bombastic and dangerous record, it's also one of 2019's best and once again, Electric Dragon lives up to every level of hype.

2018's Dark Water was a high watermark for me...it encapsulated everything that I love about Electric Dragon releases. They're bold, they're dark, and they go right for the throat. How else would you follow up one of last year's best albums than by going for every other vital organ with an EP that oozes blood and gristle from every note. There are very few artists making music today that can stand toe to toe with the unbridled power of an Electric Dragon release. And I don't just mean that on a surface level, because I can assure you Beasts contains hook after hook, hit after hit, and backbeats that will rattle your bones. More than that, there's a complexity that most artists that hit this hard can't achieve. Even at their primal core, each track in Beasts is a layered achievement, something to behold and fear in equal measure.

Head on over to Bandcamp right now and get this EP in your collection. While you're there, you might as well add the rest of Electric Dragon's discography to your collection as well. If you're a fan already, you know how good he is. If this is your introduction...my oh my...I have such sights to show you!

James Mitchell

Published June 28, 2019

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