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April 27, 2019

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Album artwork by Barret Chapman

For years Canada's Die Scum, Inc. have been the masters of the soundtracks to films that have never been made. They even came up with a name for their original scores for their made up films...Notion Picture Soundtracks. I loved the idea and I've been a big fan of theirs since their initial releases. That being said, it thrills me to no end to be able to talk about their latest album, The PsyBorgs, which is the soundtrack for a very real, very awesome movie.

I've loved the DSI aesthetic from day one and it seems like kismet that their first official soundtrack is for a film that matches perfectly with their brand. And while it may seem like a match made in heaven, the road to getting The PsyBorgs OST into your ears hasn't been an easy one. I had the opportunity to talk to Troy of Die Scum, Inc. about finally being able to share this project:

We actually signed on to this project and began writing the soundtrack back in 2017, so there's been a huge wait to get this album out. We didn't even start writing Everending Summer (released June 2018) until after this album was done. Film festival showings kept pushing back the release date of the show and by extension, the soundtrack. I mixed the whole record 3 different times because I'd come back and listen to it, then go a little nutty. It got a best score nomination at Genre Blast 2018, which was pretty sweet. We did end up with a pretty rad music video out of it, as well!
I guess what's noteworthy about this album, is this was the tipping point for us to add a 3rd member to DSI, a guitar player I used to work with back in my VGM cover band days.

Welcome aboard Cody from your friends here at Echosynthetic! Be sure to head over to Bandcamp to snag The PsyBorgs OST and watch the movie trailer HERE, along with links for more information about the film!

James Mitchell

Published April 27, 2019

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