Decade Defector / Cyberstalker (Single)

One of my all time synth acts are back and "Cyberstalker" proves that Decade Defector haven't lost a single step!...

September 07, 2019

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DECADE DEFECTOR IS BACK!!! Sorry about the all caps, but seriously, Decade Defector is back! It's been far too long since I've been able to talk to you about one of my very favorite acts in the business, and I'm thrilled to bring you "Cyberstalker" to mark the occasion. Currently only available in streaming formats, you can check it out right now on Spotify, which I've kindly linked to here in this article. "Cyberstalker" proves to be worth the wait, with a synth hook that pulls you in almost immediately. What I was not prepared was the vocoder, and I can tell you right now, this track closes out giving me full body goosebumps. TMI? For now, enjoy new Decade Defector, and keep your eyes peeled for more news!

James Mitchell

Published September 07, 2019

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