With Extermination, CYBERTHING! has made a bold attempt at the cyberpunk throne. It's a wildly exciting and dangerous album that delivers on all levels....

June 25, 2019

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Artwork by Nero K. Nightshroud

If there is one thing that I love down to my very core, it's cyberpunk synthwave. There's something about a bleak future, adapting technology to survive, and the hope that somehow survives in that environment that pulls me like no other subgenre of synthwave. That being said, so many artists attempt it but very few succeed. Among those that succeed, even fewer excel at it. Narrowing that down even more, it's a pure diamond in the rough when someone absolutely bowls me over. Why do I whittle it down so far? Because Extermination by CYBERTHING! is a mind-blowing high water mark were very few others have reached.

What makes Extermination so special? It's not a cookie cutter album, for starters. It wanders away from the well tread light, explores the alleys, dark corners, and the lived in portions of the world it lives in. CYBERTHING! has created an album that doesn't just sound like cyberpunk synthwave, it breathes it through every single note. Beyond that, it just sounds dangerous...like a backward fall into an abyss you didn't see. It catches you off guard, on edge, but also too curious to try and flee back to safety. It's a narrow edge...you risk alienating your listener if you push the boundaries too far, only making it accessible to a select few. Extermination toes that line perfectly and is one of those records you could hold up and say, "See, this is why I love synthwave...nobody else is doing this in the mainstream!"

Extermination is out NOW and can be snagged over at my recommended purchasing grounds, Bandcamp. Don't let me forget to mention that the album contains featured appearances by Misanthropix AND Moonraccoon! While you're at Bandcamp you might as well check out the rest of the CYBERTHING! discography...something tells me you're going to like falling into this abyss!

James Mitchell

Published June 25, 2019

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