The Secret to Synthwave Enlightenment Found in the Carpathian Mountains

A discovery has been made in caves that lie deep within the Carpathian Mountains...

September 02, 2019

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On August 20th 2019, the remains of what appears to be an ancient civilization was discovered deep inside an cave that lies 1100 meters away from the eastern sector of the Carpathian Mountains.

For the past three weeks scientists have been performing excavations of the site and several major discoveries have been found. One discovery in particular is the remains of what appears to be the world's first synthesizer has been found in the southern part of the cave.

Another interesting discovery made by scientists was that the entire cave is lit by some type of purple glow being emitted by small stones scattered throughout the cave floor. Normally this would be attributed to a phenomenon called bio-luminescence where glow worms and other natural life forms would emit a glow, but in this case, there are no signs of life anywhere in the caves to even produce this effect.

Previously experts have been unable to explore this area because of a dispute over the land ownership. With the rights to the land finally resolved, explorers were finally able to enter the caves to discover the secrets that lie within.

Dennis G

Published September 02, 2019

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